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GettaTutor is the leading math tutoring service in Edmonton. We provide expert tutoring for all K-12 grades, as well as university and adult learners. Our tutors offer quality and affordable exams & test prep to help you reach your learning objectives quickly and efficiently. Our experienced and dedicated team provide personalized one-on-one instruction that is tailored to meet the needs of each individual student, focusing on strengthening their academic confidence.


– Professional one-on-one instruction tailored to meet the needs of each student

– Comprehensive understanding of Math standards at all grade levels

– Experienced, dedicated tutor team

– Flexible scheduling options

– Convenient online tutoring platform with whiteboard tools


– Increase academic confidence through personalized instruction

– Enhance overall Math knowledge and skillset 

– Improve exam and test performance by utilizing real world application to problem solving approaches

– Receive quality instruction at an affordable price Edmonton Math Tutors offers quality, affordable exam and test preparation coaching from qualified math tutors in Edmonton, Alberta. We specialize in working with all levels of math courses and exams from grade school through University & College levels up to advanced graduate and professional levels. Our knowledgeable math tutors provide individualized instruction with a focus on strengthening key understanding and problem-solving fundamentals.


– One-on-one in person or online tutoring

– Knowledgeable, experienced math tutors

– Affordable, personalized exam & test prep coaching

– Free assessment & test session


– Gain confidence in your mathematics skills

– Strengthen your grades and study harder for exams

– Feel more confident when it comes to worksheets and assignments

– Improve your project scores using correct formulas 

– Learn important strategies that will enhance future math success

GettaTutor provides professional, expert Edmonton math tutors who can help your student excel and feel confident in maths! Our tutors provide engaged and personalized support tailored to their learning needs, so they can build the skills required to tackle tests and exams with ease. We offer quality Math tutoring services at an affordable rate, ensuring that all students have access to the best educational support available.


– Experienced and qualified tutors

– Tailored to specific needs of each student

– Remote or in-person sessions 

– Comprehensive feedback after each session


– Improved understanding of mathematics concepts 

– Confidence boost

– Prepare for upcoming exams with exam & test prep

– Enhanced exam performance

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