We are so proud of the fact that we have over 12,000 loyal and loving Facebook followers from across Canada because we have done some amazing work to help our students work harder, understand the material better and do better on test, quizzes, and assignments in school in the most affordable way possible for their parents.

In the beginning it is hard for you to know what might work for your son or daughter and we feel that it is important for you to meet with your tutor and give us a try before making up your mind. Right now you are probably worried about whether your son or daughter will even like their tutor, put any effort into the sessions, or after all is said and done actually improve. There is a lot on your mind in the beginning and that is good. Let us put you at ease by easing you into what we do so well and give you a chance to experience the quality of our service and team before you pay for anything. For this reason we want to offer you your first hour free with no strings attached. After your first free session if you choose to move forward we offer affordable and easy pay as you go tutoring that is booked by the hour that you can cancel at anytime. There are no contracts to sign and no long term commitments. Hopefully soon you will see why we have over 12,000 parents across Canada follow us on Facebook and continue to have us tutor their kids to success year after year.

We have a 5 star google rating or our math tutors
We have a five star rating for our science tutors

We Tutor Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Social Studies, English and French For Students From Kindergarten to Grade 12.

We tutor all subjects including math, science, chemistry, biology, physics, French, English language arts and social studies.  We have tutors in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg and Saskatoon

Here are our pay as you go rates and the value added services we provide to make our students tutoring sessions as effective as possible.

We have the best tutoring rates in the country.  Starting at $30 per hour

At no extra charge we also offer

We offer free study materials to all of our students who are studying math, chemistry, biology, physics, english or french

Getting students to practice is vital to their success and that is why we provide our students with all the practice materials they need at no extra charge. This helps to maximize the value of their tutoring sessions.

Family Discounts

Do you have more than one child that you would like to get a tutor for? Ask us about our family friendly discounts. Get all your kids the help they need with school.

We offer discounts for families looking for a tutor near me
pay as you go tutoring for people looking for a tutor near me

With our easy pay as you go invoicing paying for tutoring is as easy as opening up your email and clicking twice. Parents love how easy it is to make their payments and keep track of what they have been spending on tutoring. Parents really do love this! Our session invoices includes the date and time of when the session took place.

Helping students improve both their understanding of the subject matter as well as their work ethic, effort, and confidence define our primary ambitions as tutors. We empower our students to believe that success is attainable through effort, focus, practice, and support.

helping people find a tutor near me

We have the best tutoring rates in Canada to make it affordable for families to get their kids the help they need. Other tutoring companies charge anywhere from $65-$80 per hour and often force your hand into some sort of long term contractual commitment. We keep things very simple with our pay as you go approach.

We have hundreds of tutors working across Canada who specialize in math, general science, chemistry, biology, physics, social studies, language arts, and French. We have an amazing team of tutors and award winning customer service staff to take care of you. We have helped thousands of students over the years and look forward to the honor and privilege of serving your family.

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