A Year In Review.

As the year winds down, it’s an ideal time for students to reflect on their experiences during the past twelve months. To start this process of reflection on your academic journey, try creating two separate lists; one that outlines your successes, and another that outlines your difficulties.
Start by noting down any great moments in projects, tests, or classes that you had throughout the year as well as any individual achievements. Don’t forget to include both progressive accomplishments (for example, managing a tough class all year long) and school-based events or extra-curricular activities too! Self-assessments could now be made: What helped me achieve those milestones? Was there anything I did specifically that was beneficial? What did I like about this assignment? What negative feelings did I have to push aside in pursuit of my goals? Use these reflections to find specific strategies and tactics you used during the course of the year.
With the year drawing to a close, now is a great time for students to look back over their experiences and plan ahead for the upcoming year! We suggest creating two lists – one noting successes and highlights, and one detailing any difficulties encountered. For both lists, reflective questions can be used for further analysis.

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