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  • Before you take a look at our amazing rates and program in more detail be sure to read some of the reviews we have received over the years from parents and students just like yourself.
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  • Our goal has always been to offer affordable, high quality one on one tutoring to students across Canada to help them get better grades, improve both their confidence and work ethic and arm them with a skill set that will help them succeed in their careers.

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Nadeisha Pinnock
Nadeisha Pinnock
My niece says she is really enjoying her sessions. The tutor Nicole is really helping her with grade 9 math.
Leslie Watson
Leslie Watson
The Gr 8 transition to Gr 9 is very disconnected. Kids aren't ready for Gr 9 math and many struggle. Thanks to Cali she worked with my daughter and actually taught her math unlike the teacher she had. She ended the semesters in the high 80s. So thankful for Getta Tutor Cali and Nadine for reaching out to me.
Veronica Garcia
Veronica Garcia
I got a tutor because I have been struggling with bio. This place has excellent tutors! They’re very professional and my tutor has helped me improve!
Kirsten Goll
Kirsten Goll
Since getting my daughter a tutor, not only have her grades gone up but so has her confidence. Emily has been amazing. We are so happy to have her, my daughter loves learning with her.
Clementina Y. Okwese-Oyedele
Clementina Y. Okwese-Oyedele
I have been with Get-a-Tutor for a few years now. They jave a resource of teachers ro match every meed. My son has special adaptations and i have yet to be assigned a tutor that did not work well with him. So much so in fact, that I'm beginning to think school teachers didn't know their jobs! I recommend them for parents who need help with their children's learning in special way. Thank you G.a.T
Joanne Macaluso
Joanne Macaluso
So very happy that we found Laura for our daughter. Her and my daughter hit it off right from the start and she is always so attentive & patient with any questions. Nadine the administrator helped tremendously in finding the perfect fit. I would highly recommend “GettaTutor”. I promise you won’t be disappointed! Thank you. Joanne Macaluso
Jasmine Hasmik Pahlevanyan
Jasmine Hasmik Pahlevanyan
It was a very easy process to find a French tutor for our children from The staff are very understandable and noted all our requests. We are very happy with our tutor. Kids are looking forward to each class.
Elisa Lee
Elisa Lee
Qualified Teacher. Good class preperation, frequent feedback communication, easy payment for the classes. Enjoyed the classes with Gettatutor. Thank you.

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    1. There is no contract to sign and you can cancel anytime.
    2. We supply free study support materials for all grade levels Kindergarten to Grade 12 as needed. 
    3. We come to your home or we can tutor you one on one online so that you don’t have to drive back and forth to homework centres.  It’s no fun to sit in a parking lot to wait… and wait…and wait for your kids to be done.
    4. You can get started with just one hour of tutoring for as little as $30 per hour and give us a try.
    5. Many students struggle and suffer in silence and really don’t know what to do to improve. This is where we can help most by guiding them through the material and identifying and prerequisite gaps in learning an address them.
    6. Committing to a weekly tutoring plan can help set good study habits with regular frequent support for exams, quizzes, tests, and assignments. Our goal is to keep students from falling behind in classes.
    7. No payment is needed until after your first meet & greet session is complete giving you the chance to meet with your tutor and decide how you want to proceed.
    8. All of our tutors are awesome at what they do.  If for any reason you don’t like your tutor we will send you another tutor.
    9. All of our tutors have passed mandatory police background checks. 
    10. Our tutors continually assess the progress of their students and will help them learn, practice and master the material. In addition to that we aim to get them organized, neat, and get on top of what’s going on in school.

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